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Home Remedies for Headache

 Chemical Medicine Tablet - Headache Pain Killers
Some research estimates that between 800.000 people are under continuous headache and 1.6 million people suffer in because they take too many painkillers. Eight out of ten victims are women in middle age. 
 Anyone who consumed of pain pills too often, his body are became regularly supply of painkillers. They then deposited the tablets, to prepare themselves when the withdrawal symptoms expressed again in the form of headaches they have the medicine right away without knowing the side effect of those chemicals.
Headache pills should be taken a maximum of ten days in the month and up to three days in a row. It is however better to look for alternatives to pain medications. There are many alternative whether acupuncture, Mint oil on the temples, or a relaxed stroll.
 Five tips to to declare war on headaches
1.       The life style makes it
With a balanced diet, low alcohol and nicotine, as well as regular exercise in the fresh air - the best endurance sports, which lowers the head pain threshold - has little chance of a headache.
2.       The rhythm
For example a modified sleep rhythm, such as prolonged sleep on the weekend, this actually can trigger the migraine. And who drink lots of coffee in the Office, should refrain quite the weekend which can prevent a migraine attack.
3.       Say no to Stress
Stress and overload are often blamed on the droning skull. Who’s been under pressure in the job, should consciously make sure to give time to relax to the body and mind: Watch a stroll during the lunch break, a yoga class or in between just five minutes.
Relaxing can be a massage from your partner or a friend: not only calms and relaxes a stiff neck, but also helps a new dose of hormones of happiness, which can intercept the pain. According to Jacobson, of, certain muscle groups are consciously tensed and relaxed, also progressive muscle relaxation can help get his head free.
4.       The Headache Diary
To find a recipe for regular headaches, you must hunt after the triggers. Best be done with a headache Diary: is it documented time of day and level of pain, but also the circumstances under which the headache occurs.

Emergency home Remedies for Headache

There are many tricks to cure headache without pills in the handle:
1.       Chewing cloves. Cloves are an old home remedy for headaches. They contain also essential oils which improve blood flow in addition to pain-inhibiting ingredients. This benefits in particular migraine patients.
2.       Refrigeration helps with tension-type headache. An ice pack wrapped in a towel or a cold washcloth on the forehead and temples relieves the pain.
3.       Heat for neck pain: just put a hot compress or blow with a blow dryer warm air on the neck. Also a hot bath relaxes the tense neck and shoulder muscles. You can add rosemary in the bath water circulation in addition.
4.       Cold-blooded foot baths can also provide relief, because they stimulate blood circulation throughout the body. Until both legs diving down to the knees for three to five minutes in hot water, then for 8 to 10 seconds in cold. Repeat this procedure three times and then wrap the feet in warm wool socks.
5.       A tea from violet root, lemon balm and lavender or even just black tea with lemon can help alleviate headache.
6.       Essential oils: especially against tension-type headache, just a few drops on forehead and temples and rub it gently. You can try lavender and the scent of Lemongrass and neroli. But migraine patients should be careful because the scent can trigger the migraine alongside with increased of the scent.

However, despite all the tricks and gimmicks, a visit to the doctor is sometimes unavoidable: if not cure the headaches for several days, a meeting with doctor should necessarily to clarify the causes.

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