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Homeopathic Remedies for Hair Loss

At this point, learn which homeopathic remedies for hair loss can help you.

Hair loss is divided into two groups. At the first stage due to excessive hair loss. The stage of alopecia is a so far more advanced hair loss that already a clearing on the head can be seen.

The hair loss can be hereditary. The hair follicle is overly sensitive to a steroid hormone. This reduces the growth phase of the hair. The circular hair loss is the most common form of hair loss. This disease is due to a weakened immune system. The immune cells are fighting the hair cells and not against viruses and bacteria. Also, hormonal fluctuations or stress may be the cause of hair loss. While both men and women are affected. To find out the exact cause, an examination of the complete blood count is required. Through accurate diagnosis, optimal therapy can be prescribed. In addition to drug treatment, for example, with hormones, the affected areas can be laminated cosmetically. Medicines can be taken orally or applied to the skin. Found natural home remedies for dandruf.

Symptoms and homeopathic remedies

Physical symptoms are described below. Choose a homeopathic remedy against hair loss, that best suits your situation.

  1. Strengthens the hair generally, even with hair breakage, alternating with silicea you can use Calcium fluoratum
  2. Silicea is administered if there are also errors of nail or skin problems. Especially suitable in people that easily, especially by the head freeze.
  3. Potassium phosphoricum are used on hair loss that has mental causes such concern or mental strain. Even with slow hair growth.
  4. Lycopodium used on hair loss after illness, often accompanied with sallow skin and the premature greying of hair. Even with hair loss after pregnancy.
  5. Sodium chloratum are used on loss of hair on the forehead, the typical receding hairline, especially in people with oily skin Also after the pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  6. Sepia are used for hair loss is caused by hormonal transition, e.g. in the menopause or after a pregnancy.           
  7. Phosphorus is used for hair falls out in clumps in a weakened condition caused by a debilitating disease.              
  8. Sulfur are using at hair loss in shed, excessive production of sebum and skin rashes, scalp or the hairline which also with side effects caused by hormones or chemotherapy.      
  9. Acidum hydrofluoricum are using for Circular hair loss (alopecia), even the eyebrows thin out.  
  10. Antimonium tartaricum are using for all of a sudden graying hair, excessive hair loss on the brewing and circular hair loss after psychological trauma.

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